• Classify images based on their content (e.g. photo of a cat)
  • Detect and locate objects in a picture using bounding boxes
  • Perform image segmentation to identify pixels that belong to objects
  • Extract text from scanned documents, pictures, or handwritten notes
  • When applied to videos, computer vision is used to detect actions or track movement of objects

What to use it for

  • Tag and label objects such as celebrities, locations, and common objects in images and videos to find content faster, enable personalization to customers' behavior and support monetization via contextual advertising
  • Review the use of your logo in images and videos to ensure visibility and adequate association of your brand in third party content like influencer posts
  • Identify problematic content in images and videos to ensure safety of the content you publish or of the content that is in vicinity of your brand logo
  • Classify products according to your specific taxonomy to place products into the appropriate category in your webshop
  • Extract handwritten or printed text from scanned forms like invoices, order confirmations, contracts and more to reduce manual processing time and enhance data quality
  • Easily train custom models to perform visual inspection on parts to detect anomalies in production processes
  • ... and many more ...