AI services
at your fingertips is the platform to explore and compare commercial off-the-shelf AI services.
With querifai, you don't need AI know-how to find the best solutions for you. Simply upload your data and let our platform do the work.

Explore & compare AI services

Discover readily available AI services for your use cases on our platform and review how they stack up against one another.

Deep dive into results

If the high-level statistics and overviews are not enough, you can review results on a deeper level. Overlay results of two or more vendors on same image, select only relevant categories and thereby quickly understanding similarities and differences.

Get started with a few clicks

Here at querifai, we are lowering the entry hurdle towards AI for business applications. No AI expertise is required. Simply upload your data, select your use case and available vendors. Our intuitive no-code interface takes care of the rest.

Save time on research

Simply select a type of service and scroll through the list to find the use case you are looking for. We support many use-cases and are continuosly expanding. If you are searching for something specific that is still missing, get in touch via

Work with us

You didn't find the AI API you were looking for or are not sure how to proceed? No worries! is the core of our offering, and we keep adding new AI services.

However, we can also support you individually at all stages of the data science project cycle. Drop us an e-mail and we will get back to you.

Find a strong partner

We only work with reputable API providers that have put their AI services at test in production settings, so you don't need to worry about reliability - as opposed to some laboratory grade open-source solutions.